Hello! As you've perhaps already noticed, I'm Jo, and I'm a data person. And really, that's the shortest version of what this blog will be about - data technology, and my thoughts on it.

I'm going to keep it wide-ranging, because that's what I do day-to-day; at time of writing, my job title is Lead BI & SQL Developer, but that doesn't quite cover everything. I'm the data architect, data warehouse designer and developer, ETL developer, integration developer, and DBA. My previous two roles were as a BI developer, but before that I worked as a software developer for several years. Before that, I started out in application support, carrying out hot fixes and writing ad hoc reports.

The majority of my work at the moment is carried out on the Microsoft SQL Server Stack, but plenty of my posts will be about topics that are DBMS agnostic.

Thanks for reading - I hope you continue to as this blog grows! If you'd like to get in touch for any reason, there are comments available on each blog post. Alternatively, if you pop open the sidebar it has links to a few places you can find me around the web - or you can find me in several of the SQLCommunity Slack channels.